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Shadow Sentinel Hidden Double Bladed Baton

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Elevate your self-defense arsenal with our Shadow Sentinel Hidden Double-Bladed Baton. In its closed position, this 24-inch baton boasts a sleek and intimidating design, featuring a shiny chain pattern for an exceptional grip. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, it serves as a formidable tool for any situation. When the need arises, unleash the hidden power within. With a simple twist of the lock and a pull, this baton transforms, revealing two twin blades that are ready for action. The dual functionality of the hidden blades adds an element of surprise and versatility to your self-defense toolkit. Whether you're seeking a reliable baton for everyday carry or a concealed weapon with a dual-bladed secret, the Shadow Sentinel is the perfect choice for those who value both style and preparedness.



Hidden Twin Blades: Unveil two sharp blades with a simple twist and pull
Chain Pattern Grip: Shiny and stylish for a secure hold in its closed position
Compact Design: 24 inches in length for easy concealment and carry
Locking Mechanism: Ensures stability and safety during use
Versatile Self-Defense: Combines the functions of a baton and twin blades for diverse situations

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