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Soaring Heights Forged Carbon Steel Medieval Viking Style Throwing Dagger Knife

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Over the edge and out into the expanse. Over the trees and into the clouds through waves and branches. Careening past, I was built to fly. I was made to exact specifications. Built for speed; aerodynamic and sleek to nullify air resistance. I belong in the sky. These heights are mine and mine alone. The mark is a destination. driving into the mark goes without question; I was built for the journey. The Soaring Heights Medieval Inspired Throwing Knife is a dagger style knife meant to be thrown at targets. Similar to that of a Japanese kunai knife, this dagger features a sleek sharp blade and a wrapped handle for a more comfortable grip, as well as a circular pommel that you can hold when throwing. The blade is given a special heat treatment to produce an antiqued weathered finish, and then shaped & sharpened for a polished edge. The blade on the Soaring Heights Medieval Inspired Throwing Knife is composed of tough carbon steel and the handle is elegantly wrapped in genuine black leather, bringing a bit more rusticity to the look of the knife. This beauty is double edged which means that it will dig into any target it is thrown at. As if it couldn’t get better, the Soaring Heights Throwing Dagger also comes with its own complimentary sheath with a tribal-style crocodile imprinted on it.



Overall Length: 12 inches
Blade Length: 5.75 inches, Weight: 9 oz
Material: High Carbon Steel
Leather-Wrapped Handle
Hand Tooled Leather Sheath Included

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