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Stormshadow Shinazugawa Demon Slayer Katana

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Unleash the tempest with Stormshadow Katana, inspired by Shinazugawa's mastery over the wind. The blacked-out blade, adorned with a captivating green wave pattern, proudly displays the empowering words Destroyer of Demons. The symmetrical eight-point guard, hand-painted in vivid green and silver patterns, adds an extra layer of sophistication to this exceptional collector's piece. Channel the wind's power as you wield Stormshadow Katana, where every detail, from the elegant handle design with alternating white and green wrapping to the anime-inspired scabbard in black and silver, reflects the elemental force within the Demon Slayer universe. This 41-inch katana is not just a weapon but a tribute to the wind mastery of Shinazugawa.



Green Wave Mastery: The blacked-out blade showcases a dynamic green wave pattern, embodying the relentless spirit of Shinazugawa in the Demon Slayer world.
Eight-Point Guard: The hand-painted metal guard boasts a symmetrical eight-point design with intricate green and silver patterns, enhancing the katana's visual appeal.
Empowering Inscription: The blade proudly displays the words "Destroyer of Demons," adding a powerful and thematic element to this Demon Slayer katana.
Elegant Handle Design: The handle is wrapped in black ray skin, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Alternating white and green wrapping adds an elegant touch, complemented by a sleek metal end cap.
Anime-Inspired Scabbard: The black scabbard with silver patterns mirrors the aesthetics seen in the anime, making this 41-inch katana not just a weapon but a true work of art for Demon Slayer enthusiasts.

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