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Templar Cross Saber with Decorative Brass Fittings

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Introducing the Templar Cross Saber, a masterpiece of elegance and strength. This finely crafted metal saber sword captures the spirit of the ancient knights, combining historical symbolism with exceptional functionality. With its 35-inch length and striking design, it is a formidable weapon that commands attention and respect. Unleash your inner knight with the Templar Cross Saber. With its striking design, exceptional craftsmanship, and historical significance, this 35-inch sword is a testament to the legacy of the Templar knights. Whether displayed as an art piece or wielded with reverence, it is sure to captivate the imagination and evoke the noble spirit of chivalry.



Metal Scabbard with Templar Cross: The Templar Cross Saber comes with a metal scabbard adorned with a prominent Templar cross. This sacred symbol adds a touch of reverence and reminds one of the noble values associated with the ancient order of the Templars.
Gorgeous Brass Fittings: The saber is accompanied by meticulously crafted brass fittings, adding a touch of opulence and refinement. These exquisite brass details not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also showcase the dedication to craftsmanship.
Ergonomic Spiral Pattern Handle: The handle of the Templar Cross Saber is ergonomically designed with a comfortable spiral pattern. This ensures a secure grip and optimal control during combat or display, allowing for a seamless and confident wielding experience.
Brass Hand Guard: The saber features a brass hand guard that provides both protection and beauty. Its intricate design complements the overall aesthetics, creating a visually stunning and practical component of the sword.
Beautifully Decorated Brass Fittings: The brass fittings on the Templar Cross Saber are adorned with exquisite decorative patterns. Each detail has been meticulously carved to showcase the level of artistry and attention to detail, making this sword a true collector's item.

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