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Thunderous Toast Viking Horn with Hand Etched Mjolnir Design

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Channel the power of the mighty Thor as you raise our Viking Horn with a stunning hand-etched Mjolnir design. This beautiful horn is not just a vessel for your drink but a symbol of Norse strength and victory. The front of the horn proudly displays Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of the Norse God of Thunder. Crafted from 100% real cow horn, each piece is unique, ranging from approximately 13 to 15 inches in length. Embrace the natural variations in color, length, and shape that make each horn a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The interior and exterior are polished to a shiny finish, providing a touch of elegance to your celebration. The durable brass rim is adorned with intricate Celtic Knot engravings, held securely in place by sturdy pins. To complete the ensemble, a brass stopper, forged to resemble a mighty beast, adds an extra layer of authenticity to this remarkable Viking Horn. It's time to celebrate and toast to victory—Skol!



Mjolnir Design: Hand-etched on the front for a powerful Norse touch
100% Real Cow Horn: Each piece is unique with natural variations
Polished Finish: Inside and out for an elegant appearance
Brass Rim with Celtic Knot Engravings: Durable and adorned with intricate details
Brass Stopper: Forged to resemble a mighty beast, adding authenticity

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