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Union Valor American Civil War Cavalry Sabre Sword

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Step into the pages of history with our Union Valor American Civil War Cavalry Sabre Sword. This finely crafted replica, measuring 40" overall, pays homage to the bravery and skill of cavalry soldiers during this pivotal era. The 35" carbon steel blade, highly polished for a gleaming finish, embodies the strength and precision of its historical counterpart. The leather-wrapped handle provides a comfortable grip, while decorative brass accents and a shiny brass pommel add an extra layer of authenticity. The sculpted hand guard, crafted from brightly polished brass, not only enhances the sword's aesthetic appeal but also ensures a secure and confident hold. Included with the American Civil War Cavalry Sabre Sword is a nickel-plated steel scabbard featuring lanyard rings for both practicality and style. Display or wield this saber with pride, reliving the valor of those who served during a defining period in American history.



Blade Material: Highly polished 35" carbon steel for strength and authenticity
Handle: Leather-wrapped for a comfortable and secure grip
Decorative Brass Accents: Adorn the handle and pommel for added elegance
Sculpted Hand Guard: Brightly polished brass for both aesthetics and functionality
Scabbard: Nickel-plated steel with lanyard rings for practical and stylish storage

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