Universal Lightening Warrior Double Sword Back Strap Sheath


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The Universal Lightening Warrior Double Sword Back Strap Sheath is perfect for almost any sword. It fits foam and light broadswords two at a time so you're always prepared to pull any sword lightening fast! This sheath with back straps is constructed out of polyurethane. Two adjustable nylon straps allow you to adjust the height that you would like the swords to hang while adjusting for a good fit. Below the holsters is a connecting steel ring that holds an adjustable nylon belt loop to fit the adjustable polyurethane belt through to secure this sheath around the waist. Not only is it stylish but functional. This universal piece can accent medieval dress, modern style, and many diverse costumes.



Overall Sheath Length: 8 Inches
Sheath Width: 3.15 Inches
Sheath Opening Size: 2.25 Inches
Material: Polyurethane with Steel Studs, Nylon Straps
Includes: Two Adjustable Back Straps and Adjustable Belt

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