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Vampire Life Essence Foam Blood Scimitar

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SKU WH1B2-FM1937


Ancient Vampires while in the throes of battle with the Lycons would carry Life Essence Scimitars to capture the souls of their victims. Upon reaching a goal of 1000 souls they then become human. Each sword is unique to its Vampire because when a human makes the change their soul is released into their sword as the very first victim. The scimitar before you is the sword of the son of Vlad Tepes, Mihnea. It was stolen by his enemies as has been recently been recovered. It is constructed on polyurethane foam with a 10 mm core. Hunters have been after this sword for centuries to destroy it and here it is. Hand painted with great detailing and crafted for fun. A bat hilt is featured in the center as the symbol of the House of Dracul. This blood line as the original pureblood line is the only Vampires that can transfigure themselves into bats. Complete your costume or just have fun with the Vampire Life Essence Foam Blood Scimitar.



Overall Length: 32.50 Inches
Overall Width: 10.25 Inches
Overall Thickness: 1 Inch at thickest Point
Material: Polyurethane Foam
Core: 10mm

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