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Vandals Wrath Forged Steel Gothic Helmet with Chainmail Defense

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Step into history with our Vandal-inspired Gothic Helmet, meticulously handcrafted from premium 16-gauge carbon steel—a testament to impeccable artistry. This stunning piece boasts a design reminiscent of the Gothic warriors, complete with plate armor intricately reinforced by cross-patterned belts atop and an additional armored belt along the edge. The face plate is a masterpiece adorned with hammered Gothic patterns, reflecting the era's dark allure and valor. In battle, every detail matters. That's why this helmet features thick chainmail protection, offering a formidable defense against slashing attacks to the neck and face. Inside, an adjustable leather liner not only ensures a perfect fit but also cushions blows, providing unmatched comfort and extra protection during intense combat scenarios. Embrace the spirit of the Vandals and Gothic legacy with a helmet that combines historical accuracy, superior craftsmanship, and battlefield-ready resilience.



Plate armor design reminiscent of ancient Gothic warriors, reinforced with intricate cross-patterned belts for added resilience.
Embellished face plate adorned with hammered Gothic patterns, capturing the essence of a bygone era of conquest and glory.
Thick chainmail protection guards the neck and face, standing as a stalwart defense against slashing attacks and battlefield hazards.
Adjustable leather liner ensures a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing both protection and wearability during intense battles and reenactments.
Immerse yourself in the history with a helmet that echoes the valor and daring spirit of the Vandals, perfect for Renaissance faires, LARP events, combat and historical displays.

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