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Warriors Call Cow Horn Trumpet with Brass Rim and Celtic Cross Etching

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Answer the call of the battlefield or summon your kin to the feast with our Warrior's Call Cow Horn Trumpet. Crafted from natural, hollowed horn, this authentic battle horn is a must-have addition to your Viking collection. Embrace the spirit of war with a brass rim featuring an exquisite Celtic Cross etching, and unleash powerful sounds through the fully-functional brass trumpet mouthpiece. Perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to any event, Renaissance Fair outfit, or as a unique display piece in your home, this hand-polished horn shines with elegance. The approximate size ranges from 16 to 19 inches, and each horn is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the natural variations in color and size. Whether sounding the horn of war or enhancing your historical ensemble, the Warrior's Call Cow Horn Trumpet is a versatile and distinctive accessory that captures the essence of Viking heritage.



Material: Natural, hollowed cow horn for authenticity
Brass Rim: Adorned with an exquisite Celtic Cross etching
Trumpet Mouthpiece: Fully-functional brass for powerful and resonant sounds
Hand-Polished Finish: Shiny and elegant appearance
Size Variation: Approximate size of 16-19 inches, each piece is unique with variations in color and size.

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